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Infoline on workdays from 09:00 to 18:00  + 421 902 722 945

M.A. Beňovského 24b, Vrbové - is located in the center of Vrbové. Located 10 kilometers west of the district town of Piešťany, at the foot of the Small Carpathians in the Podunajska Pahorkatine. The location is well accessible from the main driveway from Piešťany.

The virtual residence service is designed primarily by those who run up with your own business or want to change the seat for its company. It is suitable for outside Bratislava and foreign companies (entering the Slovak market), optimal for business whose character does not require self-office and ideal for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.


The advantage of rapid proceedings at the Commercial Register of the District Court Trnava

(Bratislava Court is congested and waiting for registration shall be extended for 2 months)


We provide the company's headquarters in our own real estate. For this reason, we can guarantee long-term provision of our services without risk.


We can not offer postal services on this address yet.

Only the eco package is available






Service Packages for a Virtual Office


   Services   I   II   III   IV  
   min. 12 months
  min. 12 months   min. 12 months    min. 12 months  
  Registration of the address of the office          
   Labelling - mailbox          
   Receipt of mail to the mailbox          
   Email notification on received mail            
   Sending the letters by post once a month (Slovakia)            

 Scanning and sending via Viber, WhatsApp 20 pc/month


   Personal collection of the letters and parcels                
   Monthly fee   7€   12€   20€   30€  






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