Virtuálna Adresa

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Infoline on workdays from 09:00 to 18:00  + 421 902 722 945

We are VAT payers and all prices are stated with VAT 20%

Vysoká 12, Bratislava I - is located in the center of Bratislava. The location is well-accessible by tram from the nearby Obchodná Street or by bus and trolleybus from Hodžovo Square. The Vysoká street is the only street in Bratislava that has not changed its name since the oldest written news. For the first time, we have been called Vysoká Street - Houchstraz already in 1341.

The virtual office service is primarily intended for those who start their own business or want to change their business for their company. It is suitable for both foreign and foreign companies (entering the Slovak market), optimal for business, whose character does not require its own office and ideal for small and medium entrepreneurs who need a good and an image address in the center of Bratislava.


We own the company's headquarters in our own properties. For this reason, we can guarantee long-term provision of our services without risk.