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Package III contains:
  • Registration of the address of the office
    An important part of the process of a company’s registration is the specification of its registered office. A company cannot be registered without this information. Registering the company at one's own private address is not always the best solution. In this case, the owner of the property may grant his consent to registering the office at the address of his property. This way you can protect your privacy and avoid the inconveniences that might come up if you register the address of your residence.
  • Labelling - mailbox
    Every company needs to collect the mail and, therefore, a mailbox has to be installed and labelled at the address of the registered office to receive the correspondence.
  • Receipt of mail
    This service means we will take over the mail for you based on a power of attorney granted by you.
  • Email notifications on received mail
    We will inform you about what you have received in your mailbox every day. You will have an overview about the received mail by e-mail messages.
  • Sending the letters by post once a month (Slovakia)
    To receive the mail physically, we have to send you all the collected mail items over the month, to an address specified by you.
  • Scanning and sending via Viber, WhatsApp
    You often have to react to certain mail items immediately. Scanning the contents of the letters and sending them in an electronic form serves this purpose well. In this way, you can save time that might cause financial losses due to a delayed reaction. The package includes 20 scans. If you want to have all the received mail scanned automatically, this has to be negotiated individually, beyond the scope of the package.


Price: €20 per month



Service Packages for a Virtual Office


   Services   I   II   III   IV  
   min. 12 months
  min. 12 months   min. 12 months    min. 12 months  
  Registration of the address of the office          
   Labelling - mailbox          
   Receipt of mail to the mailbox          
   Email notification on received mail            
   Sending the letters by post once a month (Slovakia)            

 Scanning and sending via Viber, WhatsApp 20 pc/month


   Personal collection of the letters and parcels                
   Monthly fee   7€   12€   20€   30€  






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