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Infoline on workdays from 09:00 to 18:00  + 421 902 722 945


Grosslingova 52, Bratislava 1 - is situated in the centre of the city, just a few steps away from SNP Square, from the Nivy Bus Station, from the Eurovea Shopping Centre, from MY Department Store, and from the historical centre of the city. The building has excellent public transport links, with stops just a few minutes’ walk away. By car, you can reach the D1 motorway via bridges in less than 5 minutes. Parking is available directly in the street. The street is named after the Gressling fish, or the gudgeon, a carnivorous species feeding exclusively on smaller fish. In the Middle Ages, a distributary of the Danube flowed around islets through today's Grösslingova. We provide the registered office in our own real property. For this reason, we can guarantee a long-term provision of this service with zero risk.

♦ Virtual address and virtual office for companies in the capital of Slovakia
♦ Registered office for companies and virtual office
♦ Seat for your company at an attractive address in the centre of Bratislava.
The service is attractive also for foreign companies which need to register their seat in Slovakia. The model of classic offices is no longer efficient and flexible enough for the needs of several businesses which do not need to pay for the initial and operating costs of a long-term rental of premises, for the technical equipment of the office, and for employing administrative staff in the office.


Advantages of a virtual office:

  • cost-effective registered office
  • prestigious image of the company in the capital of Slovakia
  • minimized costs for running an office
  • anonymity – statistically, the largest number of companies in Slovakia are situated in its capital
  • outsourcing of the correspondence and its archival
  • lesser chance of tax inspection
  • forwarding the mail abroad
  • other services, based on agreement




Service Packages for a Virtual Office


   Services   I   II   III   IV  
   min. 12 months
  min. 12 months   min. 12 months    min. 12 months  
  Registration of the address of the office          
   Labelling - mailbox          
   Receipt of mail to the mailbox          
   Email notification on received mail            
   Sending the letters by post once a month (Slovakia)            

 Scanning and sending via Viber, WhatsApp 20 pc/month


   Personal collection of the letters and parcels                
   Monthly fee   7€   12€   20€   30€  






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